Exhaust slip ons or ful system

Hey all, Im looking at getting an exahust slip on or full system. I have a 05 WR450F. baffle, grey wire, throttle stop done. Im looking at DR D, BIg Gun, and Yoshimura. Ive been really looking at a slip on. I want the most bang for my buck at a good price. $500 or below. budget crunch here. I do a lot of off road racing. Let me know :)

Yosh Slip

You can get the Yosh TRC Stainless Comp Series full exhaust for $400.

DR D. from what I've heard is the best slip on .I put on on my wr and no complaints what so ever it hauls, all I did for jetting is move the clip on the needle down one notch. :):):D

If you search this forum, you'll see a lot of people strongly suggested a PC4 (FMF) in some threads, and where noise is an issue, used a quiet insert for the PC4. I'm sure they are all pretty good, but bang for the buck, I think the PC4 is best as well. I guess if you want to save some $$, get a used stock YZF muffler, to which you can add a PMB spark arrestor and quiet insert if needed. That's what I use. I'm quite certain that that the DR.D is a great buy though, and probably one of the better options.

Thanks for the suggestions all. Ill check each and get prices. I get some good discounts via my racing membership with WORCS.

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