How Could a WR 450 handle these competative conditions?

I am a buyer who is seriously considering a wr 450 for my next bike. I currently ride a YZ 250 for fun riding both MX with friends and the occasional off-road pedal to the metal racing. The problem is I need a bike that can handle large sudden drop offs with out botteming and was hesitant when wondering if the WR could handle events such as this. The other two issues is haw long would you say ( just an estimate) it would take for the WR to go from 0 to 70 mph and can this this handle large jumps? When i say large jumps I am refering to a huge ass hill that literally just stops and sends you on a freckish flight for about 6 seconds and SLAM! you hit the ground flat. Anyways i hope i get the information i need and thanks once agian.

:) TT


What year model is your current ride? How much do you weigh?

Stock comparison of WR / YZ , the WR is going to be softer. Whatever bike you chose will more than likely require suspension tuning and you will still have the "bottoming" effect under certain conditions.

A YZ will obviously handle the hits better, but if youre set on the WR, I have few ideas for you. Take out the electric start and battery, this will save you some weight to help avoid bottoming, and I believe you can save 3-4 pounds if you change the pipe out. If you dont care about the lights, you could replace it with a YZ # plate and take out all the excess wiring. The suspension will need tuning because it is really soft right off the showroom floor. And if youre concerned with bumps and drops you may want to change out the rear wheel because the WR rear wheel is smaller. If I were you I would just buy a YZ 450 and change the gearing.

WR suspension is super soft, I would look into YZ/CR :)

Yes, WR doesn't like huge hucks. It probably could as others have said with suspension work, but the YZ will be more receptive.

I track rode my WR 3 weeks ago and got punished badly with the soft suspension and extra 30 + pounds over the YZ250F I usually track ride. The WR jumps well enough, it just requires a pretty good transition or downward grade to make it gracefull. :) For everything else, the WR kills it. I'm not sure what it's 0-70 time is, but it's pretty quick. Top end is 90ish before she starts to wobble a bit.

It's a good bike, you won't be disappointed.

Top end is 90ish before she starts to wobble a bit.

It's a good bike, you won't be disappointed.

What kind of wobble do you get, mine is solid like a tank at top speed (96mph)

It's entirely from my tires objecting to the speed. The bike was super solid when I had more street tires on it. (Metzeler Enduro Sahara 3's) Big knobbies don't like to go fast on pavement.

I have the 05 WR450. I did the mods. I had to swith spring rates. One size up in front and two in rear. Im 6'4, 250. Big, big difference. I love it. I do mx an doff road combined. Jumping is great. Bike feels balanced. I plan to take light off and put yz front plate on. Will work. My next bike for woods and tight stuff and fun will proballly be the YZ250. I love the WR. Its heavy, but I can handle it. I love the work out and the 5th gear.

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