Everyone Stop What You Are Doing, And Chop Your Airbox Cover

Yesterday after reading about 650r mods I decided to cut a hole in the side air box cover. The difference it made was amazing, it increased throttle response and front wheel liftage. I just wanted to say id you were thinkin about doing it then stop thinking and do it. Best free mod ever :)


Did you leave the out the plastic inserts in the airbox in addition to cutting out the side cover? Did this make it run too lean?

if u have big pipe use a 68s slow jet

call xrs only or check web site

if u have big pipe use a 68s slow jet

call xrs only or check web site

11 out of 12 posts you have said, call XR's Only!


Well you work at XR's only :)

Little over a year ago there was a major long post (over 2100 viewings) on TT about how XR's only customer service SUCKED :D There was lot's of guy's here that posted that had bad dealings with the phone or inter net orders. Getting the wrong stuff, lied to, not getting the stuff ordered when told they had it in stock, call back to find out they never had it :D I heard that the manager has changed???? :):D Because he was an idiot ;)

I have had lots of XR's only parts on lots of bikes. Good stuff :D Even had my XR600 worked on there back when Al was alive. He knew how to make things right :worthy: Awesome guy.

Now I look else were first before I do business with them. I sure like the Case Guard they make but, I buy that at the local dealer instead of messing with the phone ordering at XR's Only.

Carefull this is a for proffit forum and they will not like you competing with there TT store :D

11 out of 12 posts you have said, call XR's Only!

Nice work BWB63 :)

I won't buy from them either. Al was the shizzle though, RIP.


That mod doesn't work for me. :)




I did the Malcum Smith invatational and the first mile was right up a river like that big one. Holes and all No problem! If the filter is oiled right with the right oil it can handle it :D ....well somethimes. It is better to tape the holes if you know you are heading for a water ride. Riders have had holes in the air box on almost all makes of bikes and the tape goes on if there might be a big water crossing. If you live in Maine , BC, Northern California or where the water is everywhere like in the pictures it wouldn't be worth it to put holes in the side cover....inless you own a tape factory :)

Yeah I wouldn't bother buying a new cover just cut your normal one. I think my bike might have been jetted slightly rich because I noticed a big difference. I have read before that people were having trouble finding the mesh for the mod, I have some advice use a standard stainless steel kitchen strainers mesh it worked perfect for me and is dirt cheap. So yeah if anybody was thinking about doing this mod stop thinking and do it! :)

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