Dumb newbie question??

I just signed up for the Hatfield/Mccoy Dirt Days event on June 22-26.

the website says that a USFS approved spark arrestor is required.

Does my 2004 Yamaha yz 450f come stock with one? or do I have to purchase one???


You have to get one.

That's what I thought, have any idea where, what type? etc.?

Let me know any cheap sites you know of.


Thanks for the info....


I have never been checked for sound or for a spark arrestor at the Hatfield McCoys but there is always a first. SparK arrestor I'm good shape but if they check for sound they might get me cause I have the T-4 from pro-ciruit.

I ride the HMTS several times a month and have never been checked for my pass let alone my spark arrestor (that's non-existent). My .02's

I use the Pro Billet unit on my 450f and it works great without any noticable effect on power. I installs very easy and can removed without much effort.

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