Pinched a tube

Just pinched a tube on my 450 and was wondering what others run for PSI and the terrain you run in.

13-15 psi, intermediatde to hard

12-14 psi. Mostly slick hard packed - sun baked clay in southern Indiana.

I read on a website one time that the proper way to set tire pressure is to check your rims after riding, and look for the "rim clean" mark that is left after riding. What is meant by this is look where the inner part of the tire contacts the rim, and you will see an area that has been rubbed relatively clean as the tire flexes. This "rim clean" mark should be 4mm in width. If it is less, than lower the pressure slightly, and vice-versa if it's too wide. I asked a very experienced Hare-scramble winner, co-worker of mine about this method and he said Yes it's the most accurate way to check pressure, but few people do it. He said that all off-road tires are designed to flex in this manner, and you will see where the rim has rubbed off part of the dirt. Don

12-14PSI. Lower end for soft terrain.

Flint, that's some good stuff, I think I'll try that!

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