Jardine exhaust good or bad?

I have a line on a great deal for a full system Jardine for my xr650r. Can anybody tell me whether it's a good pipe or not. Good power? Too loud? Durable? Thanks

I can't speak for the Jardine on this application, but I can speak for Jardine on another, most impressively with a Honda RC51.

First off, I've ridden or owned a number of motorcycles with both factory and aftermarket exhausts systems. I'm talking about full systems here and not just a slip on. The fuel system (carb models), need to be changed in order to take full advantage of the free flowing pipes.

I installed a Jardine full system on the 51 and was never more impressed with the results of an exhaust system. The bike was transformed... Jeckel and Hyde, wicked from the bottom to the top. The bike was awesome before, but now it's just plain unreal, bordering on the insane from just a pipe.

I've run Ak's, Two Brothers, FMF, Cobra, Vance & Hines to name a few and have yet to find any full system that compared to Jardine.

I was looking for info here on pipes for a 650 + dual sport machine, (I'm still torn between the KTM, XL and DRZ's), but didn't see a Jardine listed for the XL650 application.

If Jardine makes a pipe for your specific bike, it would have my vote for being well worthy of a try. That's the one I'll lean to from the go unless convinced by those who know otherwise.

The Xr650 Definately Needs A Pipe. I Had A White Bros. E-series Pro Meg With Great Results. I Havent Heard About The Jardine On The 650 But I Have One On My Yzf450 And Love It.

High Compression

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