Sidewall tearing out??

Just changed my paddle today to my dirt tire and somehow the steal belting around the bead busted and riped out of the tire a 1/2'' or so. What should I do and how did this happen. I was thinking of cutting it with the dremal and hopeing for the best has anyone had this problem??

i have never even heard of that happening before man...

I would cut it out, ride it a bit then inspect it. Those sidewalls are pretty strong.

Ya my dealer said I must have changed my tire with a 6ft tire iron so &%$#@!. Anyway i'm looking for a rear rim so I can just swap when I want also dealer told me a new tire like mine is $80.00 :) What would you guys recomend for the woods lots of rocks mud trees ect?? I would like to get a teraflex but I know they are pricy too.

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