xr650l cam/piston ques/survey looking for recomendations

I would like to direct this to the XR650L owners who have experience with cam and piston mods.

I am looking at putting in a Hot Cam in and it has been recomended to me that I may as well put in a 10.5:1 comp piston in. (with a 5mm overbore recomended by one person).

Have any of you put just the cam in and noticed a difference?

I am sure the combo of both is the best but am looking at options and opinions.

I am well aware how some feel that this just reduces reliability. I am willing to give some of that up, but not all, that is one reason why I am shying away from the 5mm overbore.

I am leaning to the cam and standard 10.5:1 piston.

Bike presently has full FMF power bomb system, and a 41mm Keihin FCR (which is great and been available for a long time so why did some of you wait so long for the eddie?) and lots of other mods

Give your expert opinions :) and suggestions like a better cam or the best piston, but tell us why its better than the next choice.



Hi, about 2 weeks ago I asked myself the same questions. I ended up sending my cylinder to Thumper Racing to have the 675cc kit done. I also ordered the hotcams stage 1 camshaft, actually got it brand new off ebay for 133 shipped to me. I should have the cylinder and the rest of the kit at my house by next wed and the cam will be here today. I will post back when I get everything together but I can tell you that Gary at TR is a very helpful person and answered all the questions I had for him. Its a good deal for everything, check out my original thread on thisMy Thread. Good luck!



Yeah I posted this to try and get some more thoughts and to see how yours was coming along.



Okay cool. Yaa, I will deff let everyone know how it all goes back together and runs ASAP! I cant wait, the weather has been so nice and it kills me to have the bike to sitting there doing nothing.



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