Quiet insert worth the money?

Hello. I have an 05 WR450, which I've done all of the free mods, plus some:

JD Jetting

throttle stop

open air box

disconnect grey wire

AIS removal

I've left my exhaust alone though - I didn't want to spend the money on a new exhaust, and I don't want to exceed the 96db limit.

So, is a quiet insert, like the Promotobillet, worth the money? Will I notice a difference in power... Enough to warrant the cash, or am I better off just leaving it alone? If the silent insert doesn't do much for performance gains, is an aftermarket exhaust that meets the 96db limit going to impress me?



I like the stocker, but I made a new tip with a larger diameter pipe. My ID is now an inch, so its much bigger but still quiet. The stock pipe also seems to stay much cooler than the old stainless ones. If you did mods to the airbox and ran bigger jets you will get more performance with a better flowing exhaust system. If you want you can take the tip off with 4 bolts and run the bike with the screen in and no tip to see if it runs better. It will be louder this way but its a free test to try.

I run the PMB in my '05 stocker and I really like it. Looks good, sounds good, feels good. PMB website has all the specs. You'll notice a difference. Crisp, clean, quiet.

I think do the aftermarket exhaust. The choice was easier for me with the old stainless can. That thing is super heavy AND not very free flowing. Those inserts run anywhere from $79 - $109 depending on which one you're looking at. I originally bought the GYT-R and used it once. I promptly took it out for it to forever sit on a shelf. :)

You can get a light, higher performing exhaust for under $300. Then you can sell your old setup for whatever to eat up some of the expense. It's worth it in my book.

The Yoshimura aluminum TRC is $278. It gives the bike a lot more mid-top end snap and is under 96db with spark arrestor. Plus it will save you probably 3ish pounds. Worth a try.

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