Tera-Flex on 600R

I just put on a Tera-Flex type 2 on my XR600R. I have the adjusters on 14 and have clearance! Can't wait to ride it this weekend, as it looks BAD!!!

I want to get one two ! keep us informed ! what year ? and how much clearence ?

I am not here to rain on your Tera Flex Madness!!

BUT, you need almost an inch and a half clearance from the swing arm with the Tera Flex Moto Steel Type 2 (They have just come out with a new type two that is not steel belted)

I found these tires when they came back out for round two of sales, about three years ago or so. They were first sold by Dick Cepek till the mid-late eighties then went away. They are made in the USA (the new one are not). They weigh five pounds more then any other tire. (that will give you fits at higher speeds in the whoops) Last foreever and are DOT. Best all around tire you can get.

They grow as they spin faster, at 90+ they grow up to an inch and a half.


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