05 Xr650l??

I am wanting to purchase a new 05 XR650L. All I keep hearing across Southern Idaho is Honda is sold out until the 2006 model hits sometime in the late fall. It would suprise me that they would run out long before the riding season even started in the Northwest. Most say they have been out of stock for the last 2 months. That would mean they were in stock from late fall until March? That doesnt seem right. 7 or 8 months of no bikes. Anyone know of any dealers that have them in stock? Maybe I will end up buying used.. Thanks for any input..

I made the mistake of buying a new (2005) xr650L about 8 months ago, after taxes and registration, it cost ALOT. I thought I would get a bike that no one else had a chance to screw up.

I would get on Ebay and pay around $3300 for a used bike with less than 1000 miles on it. Just keep looking until you find one with some aftermarket parts on it, that is in great shape. There are always a lot of XRL's on ebay, so you can be really picky.

Save yourself about $2700 and buy a nice used one.

I will never buy a new motorcycle again. I have had mine for 8 months ( granted I have put 4000 miles on it) and it is now worth about 3000 if I were to sell it. So I paid around 6k after tax and registration, and now it is worth half that. It depreciates about $1 a mile for the first 2000 miles.

My .02

This is a pretty safe bike to buy used. I got my 2001 as a leftover at a dealer in '02 for about 4Gs, but I guess this bike is getting popular!

For a used L, just make sure that the oil's been changed once in awhile, and make sure if its been modded (air-filter, pipe, etc) that its been re-jetted!


My honda dealer about matched the winter price of the KLR650. the winter price was like 4699 or something They sold the 650L 05 model to me for 4799. I brought in a invoice for the Kawa dealer and told them I wanted a honda. That works like a charm.

Funny how the prices shoot up so during the season. The KLR is now listed for 5149 and the XR650L is 5799.00.

I can second the motion on the dealers being out of the bike. I bought a new 05 in Jan from my local dealer, it was their last one and in March my buddy tried to get one from them at the same price that I bought mine for. They couldn't find a new one to sell him at any price, I've heard from other dealers when I was price shopping for mine that they were in limited production and supplies run low on this bike late in the model year.(why don't they make more) Also I wanted a new bike, just one in my lifetime to break in myself and start from the beginning with, I now would have no problem buying used. No one in the history of break ins has been tougher on his bike than me. Wheelies, top end runs, jumps in ditches, all within the first 20 miles. Been riding it to work wide open down gravel road and ditch trails ever since and no problems in 2800 miles. PLan to have over 6000 miles on it by October. These are on tough bike. Buy one and enjoy with the rest of us.

i had one dealer tell me that , and then another said oh no we can get one. depends on how often they get shipments i guess.

I was looking for dealers who had any XR 400 left in stock and found two dealers with XR650L's. i know I'm no where near Idaho, but it seems odd that Santa Clarita Motorsports in Santa Clarita, CA had one and Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernardino, CA had one..

I just got a 2005 XR650L it was the last one at the dealer for this year.Look new is real nice but a used bike is the same bike it has been since 1993 Honda has not changed it and It is a great bike no need to change it.Buy a used one save and ride this summer.There is a 2005 on ebay right now take a look. happy trails :)

If you guys are interested in a street legal (in wyoming anyway) '01 650R there is one here at the yamaha place they want $3k for and it has less then 300 miles on it. Hell, it still has the original rear tire on it.

If its still there by the end of next month I may have to add it to the barn myself.

Bought my barely used '98 back in '03. Got it for $3,800 bucks. At the time there weren't many XRL's to pick from and this one I came across was well worth the price. It had 1800 miles on it and never been in the dirt. If fact, it was so clean it still looked and rode like it wasn't even broken in yet. That's all changed. It's well-broken in now and I did all the mods to the bike myself.

Bottom line is do whatever you're most comfortable with. But buying used is always a viable option when it comes to Hondas. All the bikes in my sig, Honda or not, I bought used and they're all running strong.

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