Honda Xr 650r Turbo = 115 Hk

INSANE! In a good way!

:) what a ride that would be..........

Not much to look at however. Looks like it is on a life support system with all of the tubes etc....

Den är grym!!

(but I think it had 105hp if I don 't remember wrong)

yeah, i think im gonna do all that but i will put nos on mine

anyone know where u can find a mini NOS kit that will fit on a xr650l? i want just a little extra zip at the top of them big hills. i would need like 5 to 10 tanks the size of co2 cartridges so i would be able to use it multiple times with just a little 10 to 20 hp boost.

&%$#@! is 115HK? What size turbo is that? I have a ton of questions.. Does the guy even post here still?

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