Are the spring rates different?

I posted this in the suspension forum also. Does anyone know if the spring rates are different in the forks of a '05 yz450F. I had some suspension work done, new springs, valving etc.. When I got home, I compared the stock springs to one another, one spring was longer than the other. One spring had notches on the top and the other didn't. Did yamaha run two different spring rates to achieve the stock rate? or did the tuner forget to install one of the new springs? I would contact the tuner, but They are gone for the week and I want to go ride. Thanks, Matt

sometimes they will purposely run 2 different rate springs to come up with the desired end rate. you might want to ask if it was a mistake or not but even if it was, as long as the difference is not huge(like one .43 and one .51) it should be fine. :)

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