Wrong frekin' cam! Need help Please.

I just bought what I thought was a new hot cams stage 1 for my 2004 xr650l. The auction was for a 02-04 xr650l yet I get a cam for a 1988-2000 xr600!!! I looked on the hot cams website and the part numbers are the same, do they both use the same exact camshaft?!?! Please let me know if anyone can chime in, I already e-mailed the seller but want some of your guys advice.

Thanks a million,


Hi Zach,

Yes that cam is for the XR600, and the XR650L. As long as it has a number 4 either stamped, or engraved, on the cam, then you have the right one. :)

Thanks for responding! In the middle of the cam, it has "HCCL NO.4" on it. Is that what you are refering to?



Yep thats the one.

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