little help

urm when i put my new clutch cable on the other day and adjusted it out, it was fully out at both ends(lever clamp and push rod) i was wondering if it was like this due to clutch plate wear? :) any response would be gratefull :D

anyone :):D

check to be sure you have it adjusted properly down by the engine case. You mentioned "push rod" I have not heard that term when referring to a clutch cable. Maybe yours is hydraulic?? Was it working when you pulled the old one off? Correct part number?? Hope this helps.

hmmm it isnt a hydro clutch, the "push rod" i was refering to was the part where the ball at the end of the clutch cable fits into down by the engine case, i have this end nearly fully adjusted out i was not sure about the wear on the plates but i will have a gander next time i change my oil :)

thanks for the reply anyways :):D

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