How to buy a used WR426F?

I've recently ridden a XR400 & CRF250X and liked the CRF X but can't afford a new one. Coworker said WR426F has more power and is reliable; kind of what I want.

Test rode my first one last night on little streep strip and the power just did not impress me at all!? It's supposed to have much more power than the XR400? The bike was '01 and by looking at the bike had not been ridden hard. So, what can be wrong or are there some easy mods that the owner had not done. He didn't mention anything so maybe he doesn't know? :)

Any tips would be appreciated or please point me to a link where this may have already been answered.


There's a bunch of free mods that really open it up. I bought mine used with all the free mods done and it's very fast. Just do a search in here for free mods, there's info all over the place.

I have an 02 wr426 and when I got it the jetting was really off. If it has the stock insert, poor jetting, air box lid, on old plug and not yz timed it will fell really sluggish.

My buddy has a wr400 and i bought one also. His was jetted all wrong and the previous owner of my bike spent the time and dialed mine in. They were the same bike on paper, but it was like a cr125 vs cr 250. When spent a day getting his to run and it made a HUGE difference.

I haven't ridden an xr400, but I have got to believe a wr426 would spank it if you got rid of "stock" wr settings and set it up to run like it should.

The factories do so much just to get them to pass smog and then we have to fix them to run!!!

The wr426 will stomp the crap out of the xr400 like night and day. The wr is a great bike for all around riding. As for the track it might not be as quick off the line as the yz....but once you get out of 3rd gear it's bye bye baby. The yz will get the wr by about a bike length out of the hole through 3rd gear.I just recently rode an xr400 and it does not have the responce that the yz or wr have.

I had heard that the wr426 would have MUCH more power than the xr400 but this bike was just plain boring. I'm just wondering if the modifications really make such a huge difference or if there's something else wrong with the bike. Propably need to test ride another one. Thanks very much for you tips!

The free mods make a HUGE difference, it probrably has the throttle stop still inplace. And it needs the butt plugg removed, and fatter jetting.

2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to pick up a street legal 01 WR426F with all the free mods, plus the stock exhaust has the baffle and resonator removed. This thing moves like nothing else. Suprised the piss outa me. It pulls harder than my Z1000 or Superhawk did from closed throttle.

My 02 wr426 has the throttle stop mod done and a WB pipe and is jetted. No other mods are done because frankly it flat out hauls as it is :) I can be climbing a hill in third, roll the throttle and the front tire lifts about 3 inches without even trying!

Well, I like what I hear! Maybe the owner of that "un-modded" WR has no idea (just like I didn't) and I could talk down the price. Thanks guys! :)

I had both. The WR is putting out a ton more hp when fully uncorked. Plus, you can rotate the cam in the 426 to YZ timing if you want more snap. Makes it way more fun.

Like others said, it will spank an XR400 like a red headed stepchild. It's closer in acceleration to an XR650R.

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