x6 650l. need pic of bracket that left side cover fasteners attach to.......

i bought a 98 xr 650l. it was rigged with drywall fasteners for side cover. bought new fasteners but there is nothing on frame to attach to. i figure i might try to make them since i can't find on parts diagram. on the airbox and one other point there is a large hole with 2 smaller holes for mounting this piece, but i don't know what it looks like.. any help appreciated.


Which side cover?


left side cover. it has two of the attaching points on left side of air box. theres 3 of the azus fasteners or whatever you call them. but i have nothing to attach them to.


1 is on the battery-box frame, the other 2 I think are on the airbox.


yes , thats where they're supposed to be. but the bike i bought does not have them. there is a hole with 2 small holes above and below , where this piece is supposed to mount. but it is not there, that is why i am trying to find out what this piece looks like so i can make one. if someone could take a closeup pic of the left side of their airbox, i would be fat and happy. thanks mucho. i cant find these on parts diagram, or i would order them in a second.


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