Hey guys i need help finding the 450 that will fit me best....

Hello everyone, i am in need of some desperate advice about what type of 450 i will be getting. I need people to tell me the pros and cons of riding a YZ450f off road woods racing compared to riding a WR450 for woods racing. I know their differances and stuff like that its just which bike can be a more of a potential weapon in the long run. Example Question: Is the YZ450 too much torque in the tight stuff or will its lighter weight and smaller feel be an advantage? Things like that. Id really appreciate it guys, Thanks

:) TT


I have friends say that for racing HS get the YZF(less work to get ready, less mods to make=less $ investted), if just gonna be riding get the WR. I ride a WR and don't race, they do, so I'm not sure.

Might not be much help, but I tried! :)

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