Plastic Like New

:)I just bought PC Racing Plastic Renew Kit! It's amazing how much better the plastic looks on my dirtbikes and atv! Anybody who has scratches, scuff marks or dull plastic try this product it's well worth $15.00! :D

Got any pictures????????

:D Sorry, I don't have any pictures. But the bikes shine just like on the showroom floor! The only problem is it can be a lot of work! First you have take the 3 grades of sandpaper and soak them in water for 15 mintues. After that sand the plastic starting with the roughest grade to the finest grade of sandpaper. Then wash it off and dry it then put a tiny bit of Plastic Renew on a paper towel and wipe on in circles. Let that dry for 3 to 5 minutes. Then put on 3 more coats letting about 3 minutes of drying time in between each coat. Last take the fine steel wool pad and buff until extremly smooth then put 3 coats on and for a showroom shine repeat that 3 more times! It's well worth it though! :)

That sounds like WAY too much work. For $15, I can just buy a new fender...SC

that sounds like marcus,all show and no go :D does it make you faster when your drag racing with quads? :)

Just a tip on keeping plastic looking good......

DON'T CRASH! ( :D Just kidding)

Pledge furniture polish keeps plastic looking new. It seems to somewhat lubricate the plastic, so brush and trees don't seem to scratch it as easily. New plastic is pretty cheap for these bikes, so trash your stuff then put new plastic on before you sell it. :) My $.02

I use a motorcycle product called Plexis- I use it on my FJR andthe dirt bikes- It also helps keep the mud from hanging on too much

That sounds like WAY too much work. For $15, I can just buy a new fender...SC

That's just one fender how about all the plastic on a dirtbike or atv! :)

It make the plastic as shiny as it can get! The Plastic Renew bottle has enough to do 2 dirtbikes and a atv! It's well worth it! :D

I used PC plastic renew once it looked good for a couple of rides till you get petrol or anything else it doesn't like and it turn white. Spouse if you can warrant spend a few hours sanding and polishing only to have to do it all over again its great stuff. Stick to furniture polish and just replace plastics when they get to trashed

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