Out on the 2 smoke / 525 EXC anyone?

Took the 2 smoke out of retirement today as I'm still waiting for parts to reassemble the 426. I couldnt believe how hard it was too ride! These 4 strokes make us sooooo lazy. I was doing single trail, about 50% sand and the rest rocky. When I ride the 426 at these trails I complain that it's too top heavy and doesnt turn very well. Today I was complaining that the YZ was too twitchy and bouncy. It almost felt 'too light', if there is such a thing?

On another subject, I sat on a 525 EXC at the dealers the other day and couldnt believe how light it felt! On paper it's only a few kilos lighter than my 426, but the weight felt heaps lower. Anyone here riden one that can give an honest ride report? It's a waste of time asking in the KTM forum :)

I've spent a lot of time on my friends 525exc. They are great bikes no doubt, they have a bit more of bottom end torque than an uncorked WR450, they are small and light. They also come with just about everything on them. I really can't say anything bad about the newer KTMs. The Yamaha likes to rev more and I like the progressive action that the Yamaha suspension puts out. To give you an idea of the 525s speed, all I have to do to keep up with my friends 525exc is to add one tooth on the front and top end wise it's a dead heat in a drag race (not that those matter). The 525 has 75cc's more of displacement and another gear in the gearbox yet the little 450 with the five valve head keeps up no problem... If I didn't have my WR I would be on a 525, great bike...

what about the 05 KTM 625 anybody tried one of these ?

what about the 05 KTM 625 anybody tried one of these ?

looks good for open trails, bit on the porky side for the technical stuff.

My 525 MXC turns quicker in the woods and has a lower center of gravity. The engine revs quicker than the WR and due to the torquey cam on the WR you tend to shift more when riding. The 525 can be ridden in one gear thru the woods with a wide even powerband that reduces the need to shift. The KTM suspension is awesome. More engine braking on the WR and also more bottom end power. I like them both but they are very different. :)

Ultimately, I'd like to keep this 300 EXC and get either a WR450 or a 525 EXC.

If you want to keep riding the 2-strokes in the woods, the 300 is a whole lot of fun and not so twitchy as the 250 motocross bikes.

I have ridden a 400 EXC and 450 EXC but haven't ridden a 525, yet. (Both the 400 and the 450 have virtually the same chassis as the 525.)

I'm 6'3" and the first thing I noticed on these bikes is that they feel too cramped in the seat-to-footpeg area and the bars are a little too short. This could be fixed with taller bars and a taller seat. Suspension is awesome and the handling is great, but I was left wanting more power, especially for a bike that costs more than $7,000.

And what's with the KTM Kickstands?!

You should get an ims or clarke tank and seat combo for the 426 you already own instead. :)

I sat on a 525 EXC at the dealers the other day . Anyone here ridden one that can give an honest ride report?

Here is a few honest opinions from a Yamaha/ktm mechanic {and rider}.

first off, i ride a 2004 wr about 25 hours a week. and love it!!!! suspension right out of the box {other then oil} was amazing. and the power {with yz or wr cam} seems allot stronger then a 450 EXC! from there on the yami looses..... :)

-the ktm "feels" lighter when riding {just a bit}.

-the ktm 510, 540, 575cc motors are tones of fun to ride. gobs more power and torque then my WZ450.

-ktms have a proper wide ratio 6 gear trans that the WR is desperately needing if geared for he bush.

-ktm 400/450/525/540/575 exc/mxc/sx/smr are all basically the same bike so parts swapping and motor building is nice.

by no means should you drop your yami and buy an EXC. BUT if you are buying a new bike and have the $$$ i would say get the ktm.

My next bike will be a 2006 400exc because it has the lowest price. day one the motor comes apart for 575 cc piston and crank. there is no need for me to pay more for a 525 {510cc} exc when that piston and crank wont even be used :D

I currently ride a 525sx,a little bit more wild then the mxc or the exc.I love this bike but am looking for a 450.I ride alot of tracks and not many trails and I find the bike a little too much to hold on to.I rode a buddies yz450 and another crf450 and they felt a little more tame.I am not a brand loyal guy and will try anything.The 525's come with alot of stuff that the other makes don't,thats what makes them appealing to buyers,also the fact that you can get a 450sx,mxc,exc for $6500 out the door or a 525 for $6800 out the door at one of the local shops here in so cal.If it is torque that you want then go with the 525 and if it is not enough then for $800 you can get the 540 kit and if that is not enough then you can get a 575 kit for $1200 and they do make a 600 kit as well.Good luck on your decision. :)

true that brother, But i love my 4 stroke, just love it.

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