Spoke tightening

Just curious - does anybody make crows feet small enough for spoke nipples? I hate tightening spokes because I always end up chasing my tail.... I've seen the reviews on the Fast Co(?) spoke torque wrench but was wondering if there is a less expensive way to go.


Yes, you can get them from Pro Circuit, Chaparral, Bob's..etc. I invested in the spoke torque wrench from Fasst. It's a great tool for the rear rim but is trickier to use on the front 21" rim. I followed their instructions and ended up with a badly out of round front rim. The upside is that I can now true a rim very well. I didn't have any choice but to learn to do it. I can now use this wrench more effectively for the front without warping the rim. It just takes a lot of patience and attention to detail. There is an excellent web site that goes into great detail on how to true wheels. It's bookmarked on my work PC and I can't remember the URL. I think I found it by using search terms such as "truing" "spokes".."wheel truing"...etc. Hope this helps.

Any good motorcycle dealer or shop should carry spoke wrenches. Or they can order them. I have a motionpro that has a couple sizes on each end that work fine. Lots of retailers in the mags. sell tools too!

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my original post. The crow's feet would be for use on my torque wrench - similar to the Fasst set-up but a little more practical since it can be used for other applications. I have the spoke wrench that came with my bike - I just don't have the patience for these things.


I don't recall ever seeing 1/4 or 3/8 inch spoke nipple crow's feet. Seems like it would be difficult to get it into poistion and probably would have very limited range of motion. Now THAT would try my patience! I enjoy working on my bike nearly as much as riding and racing it so I suppose I have more patience than most when it comes to these things. I'll spend two hours carefully truing one wheel.....and it seems like just 15 minutes to me.

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