Radiator guards and overheating?

I have an 05 WR450 and I want to put some full radiator guards on it,like Devols, but I have heard that they are prone to causing overheating. Has anyone had any problems from them or is this just a rumor? Thanks for your help.

ive got devol gaurds on my 99 WR400 and they rock.mines CA plated so I romp through the streets and it gets hot but what bike doesnt?i dont think the radiator gaurds make a difference.

Just Do It..radiators are expensive to replace or repair, the effect is less than 2% so the effect is minimal, and if it is still a problem use a coolant additive (ice cool etc)

Good luck

I have them run - in 60 to 85 plus degrees, never over heated. You have a WR, coolant tank on left rear side. tough to over heat these bikes.

Thanks! I will put them on ASAP. Thanks for the input.

I put them on after wrecking a radiator.I had plenty of mates tell me theres caused overheating.The first ride in really tight stuff my bike started to boil.I changed my coolant with genuine coolant mixed to specs and i havent had a problem in 2 years.I would rather have to keep an ear out than wreck another radiator , ouch

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