xr650l, missing brackets. need help?

bike that i bought doesn't have any brackets to attach left side cover fasteners to. i've looked through honda parts diagram and can't find them. on airbox in two places and one on frame there is a hole with two small holes above and below like a bracket used to reside there. i have the new fasteners with collars but need help on determining what the bracket looks like. i'm thinking it looks like a wire, that fasteners attach to, but need to know for sure, so i can try to make them. please help.


Hey man,

Try ebay and search "xr650l" tons of parts and hardware are available.Email

the seller and ask some ?'s......who knows? What year of bike do you have?

98 . had the honda dealer try to find them on drawing. no luck, just like me looking at drawings. i would like to try and make them. just need to see what they look like. looking at fastener, must be like a straight wire. just need someone to look at left side of airbox, where two of these should be. thanks

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