enduro's in uk off


first race and of all things ,,,,,,

''foot and mouth''

just spoke to cotswold enduro club and they said they would try and re shuduel it for two weeks time,,, so keep an eye on tmx

gonna have to find an open track for sunday

any ideas?

if you yankie boys don't know the UK has been hit with FOOT & MOUTH. this is an absolute disaster to our farming industry, the poor sods have had a time like you wouldn't believe.

if you don't know what it is; well it gets carried on the wind, your tyres anything. everything has to be 'put down'bar horses & pets. pigs are the worst by 1000 times, also sheep & cattle (not too bad).

my enduro has been called off for sunday & i hope the other two lads get this message.

250 riders turning up from every corner of england isn't even a consideration.

one of 250 would have it on their clothes, wheels etc.

UK will be in quarentine for a Month plus.

hick reckons i should have been quarentined years ago!!!


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