Tired, Beat, and Need Help

...So for the last 2 days, here's what's happened with my new to me WR426F. I burned the inside of my arm on the exhaust trying to lift it onto the stand after running it for a bit. :D I got a call from Electrex on Friday telling me I could pick-up my lighting kit. Since I live 15 minutes away that was a pretty sweet thing. Well, I started installing it last night around 8:00 P.M. Well, long story short I ran into problem after problem. Finally at about 4:00 A.M. when I was trimming some plastic I slipped with the razorblade and sliced into my hand between my thumb and first finger. :D The blade broke off and stayed there intil I got it to stop bleeding enough to pull it out. Fortunately I have a great 1st Aid kit here at home so instead of heading to the ER to get stiches, I cleaned it out with Hydrogen Peroxide and super glued it back together. So I got to bed around 5:00 A.M. and my daughter woke me at about 8. :worthy: I went to charge the battery for the lighting kit this morning and the fuse blew. Something somewhere was grounding out. After going through everything on the bike I finally found the problem and got it fixed. But another problem arrises. After getting the lighting kit finally in full operation I attempted to start the bike. I really don't understand it because last weekend the bike started pretty easy and ran really strong. Over the course of the week, I've changed the brake fluid, changed the oil, cleaned and oiled the air filter, changed the spark plug, and gone through the rest of the bike for basic maitenance. Tonight after 30 minutes attempting to start the damn thing I give up. :D I know it shouldn't take that long to start the bike. I got some really wicked backfires in my attempts which kind of made me quit.

So, my question for the gurus out there. Other than putting gas in the tank, which I have done, what could possibly be the problem? :) I'm really getting pissed about all this, because this will be the second weekend in a row that I haven't been able to terrorize the squids up in the twisties because my bike isn't up to par or go out and maul myself even further at Amago. I recently added a GYTR silencer to quiet the beast a bit, but even when I took it off and tried to start it all I got were even louder POPS.. :) Talk about a horrible couple of weeks. :D

I would go back to basics. Check for spark. If you have spark change the plug the another (use the old one if the bike ran with it). The most obvious thing to me would be a faulty plug..

Sounds like a fouled plug to me too.....

When i first get my WR426F 2001 about three weeks ago it took for ever to start it and killed my foot.Ican get it first go now but before it would not go i pulled out the red knob held the decomp and gave it a couple of kicks then leaving the red knob out and an inch past tdc on the kicker it would go.

have you checked the engine kill switch wiring has not altered by putting in your lighting kit.

Do you have a standard tailpipe for a WR426F mines too loud and i dont think the neighbours like it (plus the wife and newborn)

if it pops, you have spark so it unlikely you have upset the ignition system wiring.

OK, try this.

1. Hold it WOT, decomp lever in and kick the bike over quickly about a dozen times. 2. choke on . Instead of holding the throttle when you start it, put your hand on top of the master cylinder. Give it a few good kicks. If you have a friend get him to push you. The sequence to push starting a 426 is push bike -> decomp in -> click it into 2nd -> wait about 1/2 second and decomp out. brap brap brap brap This will work even on loose gravel.

If the above doesnt work, replace the plug. with the plug out kick it over 10 times WOT to vent the cylinder and start as per normal.

Well, I got her started. I took Hamish advice, took the plug out, kicked it over, and put the plug back in. After about 5 kicks with the seat off she started up. So to my next question. It seems to run better with the seat off. Should I drill a couple small holes into the airbox so it can breath a little better, or adjust the jetting and not drill any holes. With the seat on it bogs a bit in second, but without the seat it pulls stron all the way through.

Thanks a bunch guys. You are great help.

my 01 never had an airbox lid from the day I owned it. Does yours have the lid?

By airbox lid I assume you mean on the top under the seat. No it doesn't have a lid on top, but I was thinking of putting a hole in each side of it. Is it recommended?

I bought those filtered plugs and drilled holes in the 1" holes in the sides of my airbox. I put them up as high as I could. I never go through water any higher than my foot pegs (and that's if I misjudge ankle deep water) so I'm not worried about water. I did that to my wr400 and it definately helped performance. I am going to to it to my 426. I am of the opinion to let the bike breath as much as possible. If you go through deep water when you ride don't do it!!

Having the seat off doesn't make the bike run any better, as long as the airbox lid is off you're good to go. Airbox modifications don't really effect how the bike runs at idle or running in your garage. In fact, the gains from airbox modifications are debatable, I've done them and haven't really "felt" a big difference yet some sware by them.. If I really thought I'd gain a HP's worth of power I'd be the first on the cut the thing into pieces... I'm glad to hear your bike's running... :)

...and running well. I took it to Palomar this morning and this thing flat out rails. I've definately figured out what the problem was. I have the stock exhaust with the baffle and resonator cut out of it. That's just the way it was when I bought it. They guy also threw in a GYTR silencer so I put that on. That's when I started having problems starting the bike. I took a wrench with me when I was riding just to see what it felt and acted like with it on and off. Much better with it off. No bog, fairly easy to start, and the damn thing hauls the mail. Smoking sport bikes is so much fun when you are the under dog. :):D

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