Exploded Diagram

Dirtbasher here,

Am in desperate need of help.

My XR600R is in pieces on my workbench. I am in the middle of an engine rebuild. All was going well until they broke into my garage and stole all my tool's and then threw ALL the parts of the engine on the ground just for the fun of it.

@#*&^$&*....... :):D:)

I had a system and that is now destroyed....I am in need of an exploded Diagram of the complete engine of an XR600R so that I can sit for hours trying to figure out what is what......

Who can Help me.....???


you can piece together a full diagram from the ones on the http://www.bikebandit.com

I would image a FSM would have one in it, but I can't help you there :)

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Let us know how you make out. Hopefully the crook will trip and fall on a screwdriver that he stole from you and die a slow painfull death :)

Many thanks for all the help.

I do have a full Haynes workshop manual for the XR600R. But believe it or not there are no Exploded diagrams in it.

I have followed the supplied links from everyone and have found what I am looking for. Many thanks to everyone.

I do believe the beast might breath fire again.......

Will send foto when the old lady is put together....


Once again many thanks to everyone,

Bike is back together and running like hell.

Even put a hotcam in once I discoverd that my old cam was worn down.

Forged piston, rebore, and a lot of other shit later my old XR is running like a dream........And it starts with one kick. Have never had a xr do that before.



man, that sucks real bad......thats why im glad i installed them mines around the house...and teh 12 foot barbed wire fence.....and teh dub a guns.....and the sams....and teh lazer

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