I have just removed the theromstat

I am wondering why on some 4 strokes (WR400's) there is no thermostat. If Yamaha does not run thermostats in the WR's then is it really going to harm the XR if you run it without?

I am currently running without one and the bike runs great, no overheating. Reading this thread has me wondering if I should throw one in though. :)

try the scott summers thermostat.

high compression

I Had The Same Issue With My Thermostat On My 2003 Xr650r. I Checked The Aftermarket Suzuki Swift Tstats And Found That The Prestone Brand That You Can Buy At Checker Auto Parts Is A Drop In Deal. Same Exact Size As The Old Original Honda Stat. Just Drill Your Bleed Hole On The Outer Ring And Your Set. The Napa Housing Was A Little To Big And The Guys At Autozone Here Were A Bunch Of Idiots!!!! Look Up Your Own Parts If Possible. Checker Has All The Tstats Out Front. Take Your Old Stat With You And Compare. I Was Really Surprised How Close The Prestone Stat Is To Original. Plus, The Bike Runs Much Better Now That It Operates At A Good Temp. Because All The Factory Stats Stick Open I Think The Factory Stat Is Wrong Temp (full Open At 94 Degrees).the Engineer Designed It That Way But It Can Always Be Better Right?

do 1998xr650l's have theremostats?

do 1998xr650l's have theremostats?

Yea, for the muffler bearing...... :D

where is it located?

where is it located?

Right next to the kanueter valve.......... :D

lol yeah just lift the voomdater clip and you should see it

im serious, is there one?

I ran without one for years on my first XR650R but I noticed in cold weather the bike ran different. I now run the napa thermastat which dropped right in. I drilled a hole in the outer ring of the thermostat and good to go. It has never over heated since I put it in. The only time I have ever overheated a 650 was before the power up kit was installed or when I abused the bike unreasonably. Meaning any bike would have overheated under such abuse, thermostat or not.

WR450 on your watercooled 650L there is a thermostat. If you are interested I have a few weet of Fallopian tubing I can sell you that will cure all your woes.

Just a piece of advice from someone who took the Napa route.

I purchased Napa thermostat #115 as stated on the XR650r.us website, drilled a bypass hole like the stock 'stat, and installed it. Took the bike out for it's first ride, and noticed it was running pretty hot. Got out away from camp, and the engine became way overheated (during night-time), with fluid bubbling even in the overflow bottle. We let it sit, then headed back home; on the way, white steam began rising from the engine because it got so hot. Finally got it home, and all of the fluid in the overflow bottle and all the fluid in the radiators sans ~1/4th of a cup had burnt off.

Later I found out the thermostat did not open at the proper temperature, or decently above it. Neither did the other one I bought for my other XR650R but never installed. The moral? I took both 'stats out and never turned back. If I was going to do it again though, I'd get the SRC one. It's just not worth saving $10 over the SRC 'stat to risk the quality control of your local auto parts store. Just my 2 cents.

where is it located?

Quit messing with him. It's next to the power band.

I have a couple of power bands I could sell two if the price was right. I modified the one from a KX500 to fix my pig. Man does it go.... :D lol.

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