My new 450 puked, weekend is shot !

if it does not work, take it apart, clean it, change fluids, change the plug, and it usually fixes the mystery problem....

pull your rekluse off and put your stock clutch back on and get someone to pull start you. To me it really sounds like a fouled plug issue. But it could be a piece of trash under a valve.............does it fell like your getting the right amount of compression when kicking it?

That was the only drawback with the rekluse. If I had the stock clutch in, I probably could have pull started her to get her going on Saturday. But shes running great now. Went out today for a couple of hours, no problems, runs like the day I bought her. Hope this never happens again, but it will be in the back of my mind. At least it didn't happen on race day!! Three weeks till my next race, lots of time to make sure everythings O-K. I already accused my buddy of sabotage, so he'd have less competition to worry about. I think I'll roost him anyway...........

hahahahahaha, what did the dealer say after you told them what was up??? Just goes to show thats alls they wanted was your money.

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