Need XR600 resource

Can anyone direct me to a thread, website or publication that discusses uncorking, etc. for an XR600? I recently acquired a 1994 XR600 from California. I love it but it has a couple of little glitches like dying when clutching before coming to a stop. It starts right back up. I'm wondering if it had to comply with some California emission inspection that may cause a low speed lean condition. The bike now resides in Louisiana. Most of the uncorking threads deal with the 650.

There is or was a intake restrictor on the inlet of your airbox that you simply lift off. It is under the seat on top of the box. It is probably gone already. The only other thing is remove the stock baffel from the stock exhaust. 2 bolts at the end of the pipe. That's it. Check the color of your plug. It should be brown to light tan. If it is white that is your problem. Too lean. You will need to fatten her up. Oink! Oink!

Baja Designs has (had?) a blurb on rejetting the xr600 -- I believe they recommended up one or two on the pilot and main (62 ---> 65 or 68, and 152? to 155 or 158) when you popped out the snorkle from the airbox and the exhaust baffle. Your bike isn't new enough to have the additional insert/restrictor between the head and carb.

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