Power Now Recommendations

I have a 03 WR450, rode yesterday at around 10K ft, [above Denver] and had a blast as I always do on the 450, but almost got racked by the low RPM/end burp during uphill climbs. I have jetted, done the airbox, throttle stop, "infamous gray wire", but this one problem keeps coming back. I have heard the Power Now carb insert can help this go away....any recommendations? [My bad if this info already exists on this website]

It still sounds like your jetting's off. The Powernow unit is a nice compliment to the bike to improve bottom end roll on power. I can remember my properly jetted 03 had massive bottom end with the Powernow unit in. It does work but I would make sure that your jetting is spot on. I'm talking MJ,PJ and needle. Look at the jetting database and compare your specs with others at the same elevation as you are at. The Powernow doesn't improve jetting.

Just my thoughts... :)

Thanks, Dan...yeah, the problem is a dead spot delay from no throttle to rolling at just the wrong time, followed quickly by a frantic downshift. I'm going to take it in and re-jet it after going over the jetting recommendations on the board here. [Great website!] I will also throw in a PowerNow since my wife won't be able to tell I put a little more $$ into her competition!

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