for the folks who use a mikuni tm flatslide carb

i have a tm34 mikuni flatslide carb on the way and i wanna know if i need a fuel pump or not. anybody here have a tm carb with or without a fuel pump

I've never heard of having a fuel pump on a dirt bike.

it's an aftermarket carb not stock

where would one buy a fuel pump for a dirt bike?

The fuel pump is part of a pumper Carburetor. It pumps fuel (squirts) to make the engine respond faster. Edelbrock, Mikuni and FCR Kehin carburetors are pumper carbs. A TM40 is a Mikuni pumper carburetor, I have one for my XR650R. I had a 36mm TM36 Mikuni on a 84 XR500 and it rimped compared to stock setup. Had a 38mm pumper on a 94' XR600R. I have a Edelbrock 40mm X 42mm pumper on my 680cc XR650R. I don't think you need a fuel pump as in "To pump fuel out of the fuel tank". But, a carburetor with a fuel pump meaning, "a pumper carburetor" it's the type of carburetor that is being talked about. Three major carburetors, talk about here; Round slide that just draws the fuel through the jets with vacuum (stock XR650R has this) has a lag time off idle if you wack the throttle. CV (Constant Volocity) uses Vacuum to pick up the slide, (what the XR650L uses) it's a good street carburetor but, sucks for real dirt riding. Then you have the pumper carburetors, has a fuel pump that squirts fuel to over come lag time. Very responsive once tuned right. They come Flat slide and round slide. TM Mikuni's are pupmer carburetors.

the reason i ask is because on the dennis kirk mag, they say that the tm carbs are to be used with a fuel pump for instance with a snowmobile. but the seller said he just bolted it on. i just wanted to know if he was just trying to sell it or not.

G-R-A-V-I-T-Y fills the bowl.a sleds tank will sit low and might need a pump to get gas up to the carb.........never need one on a dirt bike unless there is blockage in the line

Some fuel tank need a fuel pump to pump fuel from one side to the other but, this is not about a mikuni, just might be where the confusion is coming from???

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