00 yzf426

I have just bought my kids dirtbikes and have been looking for me something to ride. I found a 00 yzf 426 for 2ooo . I have not looked at it yet but was told it is in good shape. I have not had a bike since I was a kid. will be ridding mostly trails . Is this a good bike for trails.Is this a good price for this bike? What should I look for when I go look at this bike. Thanks for any help. Rabbit

Well, I think a WR426 would be more ideal for the trails but the YZ will still work. Check the overall apperance of the bike....if it looks like its been ridden hard then I would be cautious. These engines are very expensive to rebuild so make sure if your buying used that the bike has been maintained well, oil changes, air filter etc.

If you will be riding trails with the kids (slow), you really should consider something else. These bikes don't like to be ridden slow, and they require much more maintenance than an Enduro type bike.

I'm with Biznet. I weigh 235 pounds and I can't even slow this thing down in the trails...though I race MX more than ride trails. If you go slow for a while on a YZF you're going to puke anti-freeze all over the place and probably stall a lot unless you get a flywheel weight. I'd consider a WR250f if all you want is trails. My 426 just has too much "umph" for trails but on the track it's a dragster. My $.02

I am a stickler for two things when buying toys, who has been in the motor and maintenance. A real easy way to tell about the motor -- look at the gaskets/joints and look at the bolt heads. If the gaskets/joints have been opened then your gonna see it. I say look at the bolts because you will be able to notice if someone was wrenching on them or not and that will tell you if there has beem some motor work done. Also take a peek at the oil.

I would also pay close attention to the sound of it when it is running, nice and crisp, or kinda blahh.

As for trails, I would suggest looking into a larger rear sprocket/smaller front to to tame it down too.

i would get like a xr400 or sumthing

If the 426 is anything like my 450 it will work fine with some gearing changes. If it was not for dune riding I would have got a wr 250 or 450.

These things require oil and filter changes every 7 hours running time and previously said reduce front sprocket to lower the ratio, but dont be scared of the power, it will only do what you tell it, (throttle control) ENJOY

(03 YZ450)

that was my last bike (2000 yz426f) the only reason i sold it was financial issues....great bike trust me...

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