Procedure on starting my 02 426?

hello i have just picked up my new bike. It is a 02 426 and i am having trouble starting it so i was wondering if you guys know the proper procedure that i can use so i dont break my leg

Thanks boys

hehe :) urm 1. if it aint been started in a couple of days twist the throttle a cuple of times,2. grab the decomp lever,3.push the kickstart about an inch and a half down, let it come back up to the top,4. kick it....hard and through the whole stroke and woolaaa! :D make sure you have the petrol on and the choke on if your cold starting and hotstart for.... well hot starting :) hope that helps.

Push down the kickstarter down until you hit the compression stroke. Then once you hit the compression pullin the decompression lever and continue to push down about an inch. Bring the kickstarter up to the starting position and give it a kick. :)

I like how they say not to give the bike gas before ya kick it. I always give it a twist before I kick it and my bikes always start in 1 kick :)

should i let out the decompression befor i kick it or hold it in.

and how do i start it when it is hot

it is an 02 and i dont no if it has the Hot start

it does have the hotstart and you start it as you would cold, and yes you do let go of the decomp lever before the final kick:thumbsup:

1 twist throttle one time if needed use the choke for real cold starts

2pull the decomperission in and do 1/4 of a kick then let go to let it recoil

3 then use all your weight and kick it (faster the kick the better)

i have a hot start and i cant tell if it works or not the only thing i found it usful for is when you fall and the bike floods leave hot start opean and it drys up fuel faster

Assuming you have go the technique down now( I push down on the kick lever until it shows resistance, use compression lever to get just past that, bring it back up to the top, release lever and kick it through) you may need to jet the bike. A correctly jetted bike start 10xs easier. I have a wr so I don't know what is stock. Do a search to get an idea where you need to be.

I never touch the throttle unless I let the carb go dry.

From what I have read and experienced a correctly jetted bike needs the hot start if you are starting it when its hot.


ok thanks boys

hmmm i dont do it that way i pull decomp lever in kick all the way then nice hard kick and it starts

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