Oil problems

I have heard comments/concerns about the amount of oil in the WR/YZ and saw two 450s torn down at the Yamaha shop. I ask and they suspected the oil was to low and the motor gernaded. I have also read about "squeals" coming from the motor. I am ass-u-ming these are riders who didn't check the level before riding.

Question: has anybody actually experienced a problem with the 450 related to the oil level?


'03 WR450

I keep getting a high level with my 05 WR450, anybody else, will this damage the engine or other parts? Its only a little high on the dipstick??

If you change the oil and filter you and 1.2 quarts and 1 quart if you do not remove/replace the filter. After you run the motor for about five minutes check the level with motor off..........................

'03 Wr450

Now is it Quarts or Liters?

I'm pretty sure it's 1.2 L, maybe that explains my 1/4" high readings? Will this screw anything up?

You are correct! It should have been "add 1.2 liters."

One quart = 0.946 liters.

go to your shop, pick up a "Ratio Rite" that the 2 smokers use when mixing and you will never go wrong. It has the measurements on the side of the deal and it even comes with a built in pour spout so you dont have to worry about dripping oil or using a funnel.

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