stuck pilot jet

I posted this in the "jetting" forum as well but its not getting many hits and the one reply suggestion was sketchy at best..

I'm re jetting my 400 for higher altitude and found that the pilot jet is stuck in the hole. Almost feels loc-tite'd, who would loc-tite a jet?? so i doubt that's the problem. The rest of the carb is clean and came apart nicely. In the process I've almost destroyed the little slot in the top for removal and still wont budge. ( I know, i should have stopped sooner)

Any ideas guys?


YZ 400 Street legal

Sorry man..... I tried to help ya out there. I dont think that there is any good way to get out of your situation.. as mush as I hate to use easyouts, they are sometimes the only way out. What else can you do with a stripped bolt? It pays to use a good Snap On screwdriver on stuff like this. Good luck!

The screwdriver is the right size, its just really tight

Fortunately the jet is a 50 and i was gonna swap it for a 48, so its better than my main jet which is a 185 and needs to be a 170 but im still afraid there may be some tiny metal shavings in there that will gum up the works.


Get a dremel and recut the notch in the top of the jet. Then try again.

If that doesn't work I really don't see any other out than to drill a hole in it and use the easy-out. :)

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