i found a really good deal on a 426 im most likly going to buy and i was wondering how a 426 compares to all the 450s

i found a really good deal on a 426 im most likly going to buy and i was wondering how a 426 compares to all the 450s


I've had both- a '00 426 and currently a '03 450. The weight difference is defanitley noticable, the 450 only has 4 gears, but I usually ride pretty tight trails so that's not a huge deal. I haven't been back to Glamis since I've had the 450, but I might have to do some gearing changes for that. The auto decompression is pretty sweet, the power is a bit more perky but the 426 wasn't a slouch. It seems as if the 450 was a bit thinner, more similar to a YZ250. I guess it depends on your riding style. If you are going to race, I would lean towards the 450, if you are just playing around, the 426 will probably be just fine.


Hope this helps,

I have no problem keeping up to the 450s on my 426........they are a bit heavier, but I cant really tell the diff.

I rode a 01 426 and 04 450 back to back on the weekend. The 450 feels noticeably lighter and the handling much better. Seem to be able to whip it around heaps easier. Power wise I thought the 450 felt maybe a tad more perky, and the 426 I rode had the power now mod done to it.

However, at the end of the day, if it comes down to money, the 426 you will be more than happy with.

Oh yeah, and the 426 is a PIG to start in comparison.....however this is a technique you will learn......but could be a real pain when your stuck on a hill.

426's are not that hard to start. Especially if you put in a 450 cam like I just did. :)

I have a '02 426.

I have ridden a friends '03 CRF450 and '05 CRF450.

As said before, the 426 is noticeably heavier feeling, not so much in the trails, but on a tight SX style track its pretty obvious. The YZ feels like it has a slacker head and you sit deeper into the bike, the 450's have a more aggressive rider position and lighter handling. The biggest difference is the engine braking, the YZ426 motor is more tractor like and less dragster, I'm not saying its slow by any means, but it revs differently and has a smoother low end pull. The engine braking sometimes is a disadvantage in a rough track. It tends to weight the front end too heavily when off the throttle and you have to use caution in the braking bumps, and when entering a turn.

That being said, I still love my 426 and the motor is still fantastic in my opinion, but if you want to be highly competitive, you will be out suspended and out gunned by the new models.

I have had my 426 for about 4 months now and I love it. I've ridden an '04 450, and they're definitely a little lighter and a bit perkier on the throttle, but I've raced mine enough to know how serious a machine it is. Get the power now (around 90 bucks) and stiffen up the suspension. For the money at this point, I'd take the 426 over the 450. The differences just aren't large enough to matter to me, as I'm not trying to race as a profession. The starting drill is a cinch...especially if you get the Dr.D hot start. None of this will matter after this year though, because when the aluminum 450's come out the prices of all the rest will drop heavily. If you can hold off...do it. But if you want an excellent machine that you will never regret buying right now....go for a post'00 426. You won't be sorry. Good luck with whatever you get. Long live the YZF!! :)

thanks for that help guys...i cant really decide what to do now becuase they sound really similar but the 450 is lighter and i do plan on starting to goin to the tracks...its jus ashame ill have to pass up a good deal... 2002 yzf426, has 10hrs on the hole bike, it doesnt even look like its been ridden, $3000 obo so if i could get it for like 2800-3000 i think it would be a steel

$3300 obo**** my bad

$3300 obo**** my bad

That price is too high.

yeah but if i can get it 2800-3000 u dont think thats a good deal...the hole bike has 10 original hours...showroom condition

I sold my 2000 yz 426 for $2800 during the winter (in Seattle). I got a like new 2004 YZ450 (unridden) for $4000. The YZ450 is definitely faster and feels lighter , especially for MX or SX.

this should give you an idea on prices.

yeah def want sumthing that like has 10 or 15 hrs in really good condition and thats y i was looking at the 02 426 cuz it has 10hrs on it and its in like showroom condition, now to find a 450 like that itll be more then $3000, and im kinda tight on cash

In 6 months that bike will be a 4 year old mx bike, 10 hours or not.

Always make purchase decisions as a dis-interested buyer. Understand what I'm saying?

$2800 might be a reasonable offer. Especially if you can bring an envelope of 28 benjamins to dudes house. :)

dis interested buyer?...ummm yeah, dont get it

His point is great. Act as if you could care less about that bike.

I sold a truck a few months ago. I could tell the guy wanted the truck badly. I did not drop the price at all. If he had acted so-so towards the vehicle, I may have shaved a few hundred off to sell it now!

oh i get it, yeah i didnt understand that right, thats want i did when i bought my Rm but he still wouldnt go down, i guess thats becuase another guy was looking at it, but i understand what ya mean now...thanks

I take it you are a younger person, right?

Dis-interest. Lack of interest.

Buying and selling stuff is a negotiation, a game. Your part of the game is to the get the cheapest price possible for the best possible item. Never, ever make an offer on something, 'you can't live without', or 'you gotta have' or 'is the best deal ever'. At that point you are the sellers golden goose. You are gonna be overpaying for something most likely.

If this bike is cherry like you said and its a good machine, offer him the lowest price you think you can get away with and be able to pay right then. Take it or leave it. Be Dis-interested in it, my man. After all, you have the Benjamins and he doesn't.

I'd be suspicious of someone telling me only 10 original hours. Where was the bike all that time and why wasn't it ridden? They are solid bikes, you'll have a blast. The newer bikes should be better of course; they're lighter, have better suspension, more refined motors, etc. But the 01' and later 426 is still a fantastic bike, especially if the price is right. I've got an 01' and in no way feel disadvantaged at the track when riding with guys on my level, even in drag races corner to corner....except when racing my buddies AF500's down the strait... those modified CR500 motors have some zap...

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