stripped crankcase bolt!!!

I need to know if it's possible to drill and tap the rights side crankcase cover. I was threading the bottom bolt that drains oil and holds the Oil filter cover on the side of the crankcase and I accidentally cross threaded it…DOH!!! I need to know if I can drill this out with a drill press and maybe tap it or install a HeliCoil? I found a new crankcase cover for $217.00 on Partsfish but if I can repair this for free then that would be great. Any help would be most helpful.

Yes, you can repair it. This particular bolt hole is commonly stripped (Mine too). Get the 6mm x 1.0 helicoil kit. Place your bolt through the oil filter cover hole (with it off of the side cover) where it goes. Then measure the distance of the bolt that is visible through the cover, so that you can mark your drill bit the same distance. This way, you won't drill too far. Tap your hole. If you've never tapped before, be slow and careful. Lubricate as you go, and back the tap out 1/2 a turn for every turn you go in to release the thread waste, so it doesn't jam. If you use the 1/4 inch long helicoils, you will need to use two. They hold great. You will need to remove your cover either before or after you do this to remove any shavings from inside the case or hole. This hole does penetrate the case, so the shavings could end up in your crankcase if you don't.

If you crossthreaded it try just running a tap through there. :) If that dosent work chhose one of the methods.

Thanks for the help guys. Does anyone know if a helicoil will work as well as a timesert?

I think i'm gonna go with the timesert, will the m6 x 1 allow me to used my exsisting drain bolt?

Thanks for the help guys. Does anyone know if a helicoil will work as well as a timesert?

Timesert is the fix for this - it holds up a lot better :)

it will also solve the common YZF problem....with the oil debri in the drain hole that wears all the threads out over time. Also from too much torque -

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