2006 YZ450f

Has anyone else seen the pictures of the new 06 in transworld. Pictures are from recent races in Japan. New Alloy frame :D:) new plastics :) can't wait :D:worthy:

That dosent mean its for 06 could be the 07. They showde the 2005 yz250 back in 2003 and it did not come out in 2004 :)

there have been several threads on TT about the subject. Here is another pic of the 450


My bet is this is the '06 because its Yamas 50th b-day, and they want to release all the goodies, a full line of aluminum bikes, I think ill wait till the '07 when they get the kinks worked out. :)

What would be kick ass is black rims for the 50-th bday on all '06 :D

Black rims and hurricane kit retro

The frame does not look like the 2 stroke frame. It looks more one-piece than the other. It lacks the large holes in the side also.

this has the makings for the perfect bike. Lower center of gravity, lighter, better handling and the famous bullet proof Yamaha motor! :)

I'm really psyched about the new bike. Almost wish I would have waited another year.

They should throw the 03 motor back n there :)

The frame does not look like the 2 stroke frame. It looks more one-piece than the other. It lacks the large holes in the side also.

Transworld said it was the same as the yz 2-smoke frames, but I'm with you Wyatt, it doesn't look like the 250 and 125 frames at all. Its obviously a new design. It looks more like a twin spar frame, but with much narrower frame members. Hopefully this makes it still possible to work on the carb without tearing the entire bike apart.

Anyone remember from previous years or possibly have an insight of when Yamaha will release any info on the 06 models? I know Honda is generally June 1st.

I am in the market for either an 05 CRF450 or an 05 YZ450F. Both seem to have goods and bads. Honda has handling and suspension and the Yamaha has the reliability?


Did you notice in the transworld pics that the yz450f has a completey new cylinder and head.


there are pictures of bikes in TWMX ? :):D

Actually the press release ( I am assuming it was a press release since all of the magazines have the same exact info verbatim) says the 450 has a new motor with shorter more upright top end.

Also in the new dirtrider, if you closely you can see 2 oil fill caps in the engine.


Tim Ferry's quote in this months MXA - "the 06 450 will be a completely new bike".... whatever that means.... :)

Did anyone notice the RMZ 450 pics.... and to be exact the card board they have in front of the carb area? I wonder what they were hiding? Maybe getting away from the Keihin carbs?

Rumor was it wsa just a heat shield between the engine and carb. I was look at the pics closely of the YZF450 and you really start to pick up a couple of the new things in the engine. Like the cylinder and case changes. Of course the new frame and plastic. Its definetly going to be dual type oil setup similar to the Honda.



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