YZF tank on BRP

From "Atelier Carreras" - France

YZF tank on XR 650R


Do you know if that is a straight fit? Is it 450f or 250f?

no, I don't know.. sorry

I have gone to the yamaha forums and asked if the 250f and 450f share the same tanks, i'll let you know. That isn't a standard seat in your pic is it?

The way the shroud, tank and seat flow together is the best that I have ever seen. The custom exhaust is clean and looks tough. A real work of art.

Looks like it holds less gas... :)

anyone got any more info on how it is mounted? It sures looks like a perfect fit. I wonder what seat is being used?

yeah thats my guess, you ask them a question and they answer it with one, &%$#@! is that! :)

the yzf 250 and 450 tanks are the same. For 03-05 yzf tanks of both models are the same. Even the shourds. The WR 03-04 are same also for both models. Note that for 05 WRs the gas tank got smaller and the shourds are yzf now.

The big question is what mods were required to make the tank fit...

it's a special tank(sort of copy of the YZF tank) ,made for the XR by Carreras in France.

more here:



"...voila plus d'info sur le réservoir , il en fabriquera que si il y a 3 commandes

- le prix sera d'environ 600 euro

- en fibre

-livré avec les ouies , la déco et de couleur au choix

-pas de modification au nivo de la selle

-contenance 7 a 7.5 L

-bouchon et robinet a reprendre de l'orginine

- le fcr mx passe sans probleme..."

yeah thats my guess, you ask them a question and they answer it with one, &%$#@! is that! :)

I am sure they are to busy repairing broken parts on their poorly designed bikes, no time to be polite with bikes that have to be repaired after every ride (exclude TT500, tx550). Just joking of course, although I do have to work on my YZ everytime I ride it.


I ride the piss outta my 03' YZ450F when I'm racing supermoto and all I do is change the oil. The only time I ever really work on it is after I crash. :)

I've got to say though, that is a sweet looking conversion.

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