YZ450F/250F stock tank

Hey guys just needed some info because I want to put a standard YZ450F/250F tank on my XR650R.

1) Is the YZ250F and YZ450F the same tanks?

2) What capacity are they in litres

3) What’s the cheapest I could find one for, it doesn’t matter if its not genuine it just has to be exactly the same dimensions and mounting points in AUS$ please :)

Thanks guys


um... i think its a 1.8 gallon tank, I have one sitting in the garage, but im going to hang on to it.

y the hell would u want a yzf tank on ur xr??? beats me

that actually looks pretty good...

That looks sharp, but I guess you paint the tank, you can get a stock YZF'er in the color you want from


I think...

Ive got a YZ250F tank I'll let go for $25 unless your one of those damn red riders, then it will cost you $200.

lol I love blue... really... I'll take it for 25

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