Attention ThumperTalkers

are all from different parts of the world with different senses of humor (especially Kevin and Mitch and Taffy :D

Hey Bryan, I resemble that remark! :)


This site has enhanced all of our lives. I have met people and made friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise without this site. This site has probably grown beyond your wildest expectations. A million thanks! I still remember that time in MOAB when I needed help getting up that bunny hill and everybody's thinking, great :) . I finally got through that and then you waved me through the next section which I found much easier (even though it was supposed to be harder). You were the first one to give me a high five. The next time you're out this way give me a call and we and many others will roost.


You sound like a reasonable person. I think you would make a fine moderator. I do like the idea of making registration mandatory before posting messages. For the record, I am against censorship in any form. I can make a longshoreman blush with cursing. But there is a time and a place for everything and I believe this site isn't the place for cursing. Now drinking beers after a ride, get the ear plugs out.


Decaf brah!


I read your reply at work and have been thinking about a way to convey my thanks to you. I just cannot come up with the words.

Thank you my friend.



TTalk is one sight that gets a lookin even before I read my E-mail, have gained more knowledge from this site then anywhere else.




I am still debating whether I would share a prison cell with you or not, but you can edit/delete any of my postings! :)

You got my vote, Bill!

Don't worry Kevin, I don't have to share a'll be in my house, sleeping :D Of course, we may end up in one :D

You will have to close your eyes eventually :)


Kevin - how many years in the Navy? Not to mention on a sub & you're bringing up sharing a prison cell. I'd think you'd answer with 'been there, done that - just don't ask me about it'.

Let me add my thanks to Bryan for a great site.


Brian: 6 years, 30 days, 7 hrs, 29.5 seconds!

Well... I didn't get flamed as bad as I thought I might.

Bill... Try to understand that I was not directing this idea at a person.... But at an idea.

The idea that TT needs some kind of changes.

Do you see all these people saying how much they like TT ??

That is with almost zero 'moderation'... (to my knowledge nothing has ever been deleted or edited).

So why would somebody think there needs to be a moderator who acts any differently than the one we have ??

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Would you delete any of the posts on this thread?

And I would never walk into some place after only being there a short time and recommend changes, because I would not feel I had been there long enough to have a 'valid' opinion.

...and if I register... I want my free ThumperTalk jacket to be a medium and I want it in dark blue... :)

Interesting point DeBarker.

I've only edited or delete posts two or three times.

One time some kid was on just digging on everyone and on four strokes every five minutes and was just trying to piss people off (he was successful I might add). I monitored for a few days and deleted his posts as he entered them and he went away. I don't mind controversy, it's just the mean spirited crap with no purpose for discussion that irked me.

Then their was the time a friend of mine was on TTalk digging on me. But I didn't delete his posts, I edited the raw HTML files and changed his words around so he looked like a moron that couldn't spell or make a complete sentence.


I never admited to that before. BUSTED! ! ! !

I thought it was pretty damn funny. KerryT didn't think so though. :D

I would hope someone would take TTalk to the next level. It would take some work but with all the loyal readers we already have the base. For example, instead of a Moab get-together that isn't really organized, wouldn't it be cool to have an official gathering with industry folks letting us demo equipment and offering stuff to TTalk'ers?

Of course DeBarker's point could be true. This could lead to TTalk having to suck up to sponsors etc.

Hmmmmm. So much to do, so little time. Especially when all I want to do is RIDE MY BIKE.


P.S. I hope Kevin and Bill don't make this a butt buddy forum :D Ooops! Now THAT should be censored!

Bill - be scared, very scared. There was a reason Kevin had his own room at Moab.....

Not to mention he had a bad case of short man's complex during the trip:rolleyes


[This message has been edited by Brian Meadows (edited 02-27-2001).]

Thanks everyone.

There is a downside to communicating over the internet. Sure it's great to be able to connect riders from all over the world. But by typing on a computer keyboard, you don't see or hear the context in which someone means to show their opinion when they type a post. Something that is meant to be light hearted or simply spark a heated discussion can be taken totally wrong when your not face to face in a conversation. This can then be compounded by the fact that we are all from different parts of the world with different senses of humor (especially Kevin and Mitch and Taffy :D ) and different dialects. What I consider the best part of TTalk can also be the root cause of mis-understandings that are blown out of context.

I have chatted with Bill on the phone many times over the last 1 1/2 years. I know he is one of the guys I'd most like to meat on TTalk. He is opinionated yet open minded (as I like to consider myself). I'm not sure what was said to start this heated post, often times it's just someone trying to get a rise out of other members.

Bill has done the following for me while 1700 miles away:

1) Helped me almost get out the TTalk t-shirts. I simply didn't have the time to deal with it (many of you know why) so it unfortunately got dropped. But Bill pushed it through on his own time and energy and was waiting in the wings for it to happen.

2) Working out - Bill knows a LOT about weight lifting, diet and exercise. He wrote me a PERSONAL detailed weight lifting routine and outlined each individual excursive and how it should be performed. All on his own time and energy.

3) At the beginning of my marital problems, Bill was a friend on the phone and provided some very insightful opinions and stories that helped me a lot. He also has a great sense of family and kids.

4) Bill was looking all over the country for a new car (his wife wrecked the old one) and trusted me enough to have me go look at one for sale in Denver, test drive it, and maybe even purchase it for him. He ended up finding one elsewhere but how is that for trust?

I don't know anyone that couldn't benefit from a friend like Bill.

By the way, I also know Bill is a weight lifter and a black belt and can kick most of our butts while blind folded! (I hope that doesn't open another can of worms, it was meant as light-hearted)


Thanks Bill,


Thanks Bryan. I'm a short timer but have enjoyed your site and have learned a great deal. I actually am a reg member but can't leave a post under that name (Might have entered my password incorrectly?).

Bill, Debarker and Finglan, I shouldn't drag this up again but it fits and might help with this little conflict ya'll are hav'in.

I used to race mountain bikes (Dhill and XC). I befriended several people whose physical appearence was different from my own. Society may be quick to label them "oh my God...drug users". These eventual friends helped me become a better rider and bike mechanic. At the races if something was needed it loaned or just given away. We became good friends.

I learned these guys were athletes not drug users. Some of them could trounce me in competition. Some of them were, to say the least, shocked when they found out I'm a police officer. "Cops" get labeled too.

We shared a common interest, as we do on this site. I shared my lessons learned with my co-workers and even had some "crusty old veterans" thinking about "appearence" vs. "drug use". The communication went both ways. One night a stopped a fellow racer. Suspended license. Sent him on his way and told him to take care of the problem. He had other run in's with "da law" but maybe it changed his label of what a cop is.

If Bill and DeBarker met, they'd probably get along more than they think. Maybe not. Some folks just don't get along, but more often than not, they just don't make the effort.

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