more traction in sliperry hills

I new riding 4 strokes. Im riding 2 strokes for 15 years. When I riding in sliperry dirt its very dificult to move foward. In 2smoke i put a little throttle and the bike move foward with the engine dead. I cant dead my engine with out stall the bike. The bike mod. fmf fact.4 exhaust gray cable stock,jett stock. In dry trail the bike run perfect. Please any help. I need traction. :D


(sorry for my english) :)

Im a talented rider 2002 gncc winner vet b class.

I'm new to 4 strokes myself (just went from a kdx-200 to a wr450), and I find it much easier to get the wr up hills, even loose slippery stuff. But, then again I'm not the greatest rider so maybe somebody who knew what they were doing could have done a better job with the kdx. :)

Get an autoclutch like Rekluse and you will not have a problem with slick conditions and stalling the engine. :)

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