Boyensen quickshot accelarator

The quickshot eliminate the stalling?

I went with the R&D P-38. I'm happy with the results, but replacing the LJ with a #40 is alot cheaper!!!

Agreed! A #40 leak jet is all I needed to eliminate the BOG. Good luck :)

What # leak jet come stock?

#50 Leak Jet is stock on the '05 WR...SC

it does more about keeping fuel in the system during peak demand(on off the throttle in tight stuff)and smoothing throttle response down low. way more control with it. i think people are assuming this things a "bog" cure all,when its really much more when run in conjunction with a 40lj :)

ive got the # 40 leak jet, and the boyesen cover on my 03' 450. the throttle response out of the corners is wayyyyyyyy better in the tight stuff, it still stalls now and then though. i think that might be a rider ..clutch..brake.. thing though. lol.

Quick shot is da bomb and works, smooths out the response in the tight stuff.

I go to order the 40 jet and boyesen. Part number of 40lj?

thanks :)

4jt-1494f-03-00 .jet (#40)

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