What's that sound?

Did some fire trails and diamond climbs over the weekend and was hearing a sound from my bike that I've never heard before. It kind of sounded like a table saw blade running. I let my cousin ride it ( who is a master wrench ), and even he was puzzled. Then I said, " could it be the new skid plate"? AH HA!!! It was the sound of the bottom end reverberating back up at me...sigh.

Has anyone else heard this??? :) At first I thought my bike was coming apart. But, now I'm pozzy it's the skid plate. :D

I had that happen with the rear of my skid plate on my CRF. I cut a couple of rubber pieces from a old tube and siliconed it on where the frame was rubbing the frame. Took care of the noise.

Where's the pics from the weekend? :)


yep, the rubber trick works well. I'd advise using contact adhesive

Hey Silva. I tried sending a zip file but it took too long to load so I gave up. :) I'll try again to night.

They bouce all the noise upwards so make a right clatter!

But strangely enough I had a funny noise occur on the weekend too, doing some fast raod mileage between trails, and it was the skid plate gone loose! I lost one bolt and another was on its way out, with the top and bottom ones loosesned too. Two days of mental rock climbs had beeaten it so bad, it tried to fall off the bike for a rest I reckon!

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