Were is the best place to buy a Teraflex??

Just found a 01 wr426 rim with a talon hub so hopefully I will have a 18’’ to mount a teraflex to. But were is the best place to purchase a teraflex in the states?? Also will the 150/90-18 fit in my 05 yz450??

thats alot of tire to be putting on a yz,my buddy indy runs one. he weighed it and it comes in at 22lbs :D even on his wr it loses alot of power and thats with 13/50 gearing. i just put a maxxis SI 120-18 and it weighed 13 lbs traction is unbelievable :)

The bike seems to have plenty of power in the crap so I thought I would give it a try I see if I could pick up some traction in the mud and snow.

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