You've got to love Ogemaw County, MI


(First pix post, hope it links, I couldn't figure out how to post the picture without a link)

That is a pretty sign... Nice bikes too. :)

Man that is GREAT!!! :) Now all we have to do is get Oscoda Co. to jump in. I ride a lot in the Mio and Luzerne areas.

In my state, the govenor just signed a bill which goes into law June 1st to allow ORV on most dirt roads. The roads will be classified as part of the trail system. There will still be some main dirt roads which will be off limits as they are also open to regular motorized traffic. All jurisdictions have to figure out their road plan, ie which will be classified as part of the trail system. I think it was a move to take pressure off of the trail system, especially with the ORV sales going through the roof, ie 2 and 4 wheelers. So now we wait to see how many road we get. :)

You gotta like that!

Nice bikes and I like the "white oak" trees too! Makes for great deer hunting and I like the fall color of the white oaks too! :)

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