650L suspension knowledge needed

My suspension seems very soft. I weight 235 and was going to get springs more suited for my weight. Also I was thinking about re-valving the forks and shock. Has anyone done this or maybe just one or the other. Did it help or make things worse? Thanks

even though I don't have a 650L, I have gone to stiffer springs with the R, going to either revalve them myself or send my suspension to Precision Concepts this winter to have work done.

I suggest doing it with your bike if you have the funds for it, makes a world of difference, for the better. Nothing beats a properly set up and tuned suspension.

The L is sprung from the factory for a 170 pound rider. The only way you will get it right for you is to respring it. XR's only has a good setup, but you may want to check for a local racer that does work on the side that's what I'm doing now.

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