stock 450 silencer

i was sitting here wondering how a stock 450 silencer stacks up to some of the aftermarket you really gain that much by switching them around? what about jetting for a new silencer? can the stock silencer be modified? ( noise isnt and never was a issue for me ) one more note, after a long run in 3rd, 4th gear, on deceleration, there are a few pops..... would that be right, or does the bike need some diff. jetting? im real new to the 4 stroke thing, any advise is always helpfull!!!

The stock YZ450 exhaust system is a pretty good piece of work, really, especially compared with the system on the RMZ450. It's pretty light, and a good aftermarket pipe will only net you 2 hp at the most at peak, and most only 1 or so.

What they can do, though is to change the power curve around some. The FMF system I have increases the power on either side of peak as much if not more than the peak itself. The effect is that the power comes on harder, sooner, and pulls out farther in a very linear fashion. It also lacks the blip in the power curve the stock '03 had that people mistook for a "hit".

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