Rekluse First Ride

First off, a little history. I've ridden a YZ426 for several years. Most of my riding is on the track, but I also like to ride in the mountains from time to time. The 426 was a bit of a handfull in the mountains, but I learned to manage it most of the time. Well, this past fall, I picked up an '03 YZ450 to replace my 426. Knowing that the 450 would be even more of a handfull in the mountains than the 426, I figured I would need to do something to make the 450 more manageable off road. I thought about going with a flywheel, but didn't really want to change the power or hit of the stock 450. I've been reading about the Zstart for some time and have been quite impressed with everyone's reports. Well, my wife had heard me talking about this auto clutch thing and without me knowing, got on TT, figured out what I was talking about and ordered one up from the TT store for my birthday! Wow, do I have a great wife or what.


The install was pretty simple with no problems. The instructions were relatively straight forward and easy to follow.

First Impression

Today I took the bike out for it's maiden voyage with the Rekluse. All I can say is holy cow. The rave reviews and glowing reports are not exaggerated. This is bar none the best mod I've seen for any bike. It makes riding in any condition ridiculously simple.

MX Review

Honestly I was a little worried how the bike would handle MX, but after putting in 20 laps or so, I am extremely impressed with it's performance on the track. This thing manages the clutch better than I ever could. The only thing I couldn't really do was grab the clutch to get my R's up. With the power of 450 though, I really don't use the clutch for that anyway. All I have to do is make sure I'm in the right gear, grab a handfull of throttle and the 450's power takes care of the rest. The Rekluse does let you brake harder into the corners since you don't have to worry about killing the bike. It also lets you brake slide like a mother. The best thing though is I could ride much longer without arm pump. Apparently, grabbing the clutch lever was a big cause of arm pump.

Off Road Review

I didn't get a chance to take the bike to the mountains, but the track does have a deep ravine and a couple acres of off Road-like terrain in the back part of the property. I took the Rekluse equipped bike over there for a little off road test. My goal was to find the trickiest terain I could and see what the Rekluse could do. There were several rough/technical lines I was pretty hesitant to try, but the Rekluse handled them beautifully. The bike never stalled and went everywhere I pointed it. I know without the Rekluse I would have had a heck of a time getting up some of the lines I took. I was also very curious to see how engine braking would be affected. There weren't any long down hills to take the bike on, but the short ones I did find were steep and pretty gnarly. The Rekluse handled these great as well. The bike had normal engine braking. I really couldn't tell the clutch was even there on the down hills. Very nice.

Final thoughts

Every one should get one of these things. Rekluse makes an outstanding product. I would give it :):D

I got one too! Its legal

Best money I spent was getting the rekluse. Be sure to re-check your install gap after some ride time on it. I have the perch adjuster on mine,so I can still use the clutch if I need to get my rpm's up.

I wont go back either. Rekluse makes riding a lot easier and with less effort! :)

I like mine to, don't think I could go back to useing a clutch lever again. My only concern was, in a race when the gate drops. Every one has there throttles pinned but me. I now get no less than 4th going into the first turn. And thats my fault for choosing the worst gate positions. I'm very confident I will be 1st or 2nd to the first turn in my next race. Also its especially nice if you crash, and the bike is still idleing beside you!

I'm in love too. I'll never own a bike without a Rekluse. Like the others said, check your installed gap after the first ride!

YZ 4 Me,

Awesome write up. I'm of the opinion that you had in regards to making the change. I've seen all good write-ups but have still been on the fence. I think you're thread has converted me though. Wher is the best place to get one?

YZ 4 Me,

... Wher is the best place to get one?

I would highly recomend the TT store. They have the best price I've seen for the Rekluse, free shipping and you will support TT.

If you like the z start, just wait til you get their left hand brake for the rear. It is the best thing yet. It works very well. It is hard to get over the lever there after using the auto clutch. I keep trying to use the lever as a clutch, oddly enough it increases useability thru corners as you can load it up in the revs.

I'd have to say that the Rekluse is one of the best mods I have ever done to one of my bikes. It makes my 450 into a killer woods bike that I can still go out and put in some good motos in at the local track.

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