Oil overfill

Changed my oil and filter and for some stupid reason replaced with 2.2 litres instead of 1.2 litres,didn't realise till after 10 miles.

There was some oil just starting to enter airbox via the rerouted cam breather Dropped oil to correct level,cleaned breather pipe and airbox.

What damage could i have done to my engine.


I don't think you hurt it. There's been many posts on here with stories like that. And I haven't heard of anyone getting any damage out of it.

'she'll be right, mate' <-- Aussie saying for there is nothing wrong with it.

No harm, maybe an oily air box. Too much oil is much better then not enough. You only need to drop it to the proper level. Remember, its still a dry sump, the surplus can fill the resivoir to a certain extent anyway. Extra beyond that just gets into the crankcase/gearbox, maybe whipped to a little foam and robbed a little top end power. Critical on a insert type bearing, not as critical on a ball bearing system like the WR's have. Should be just fine! :)

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